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WBE State Certified.

   outpost Natural Foods


 Woodman's Food Market

7590 W. Mequon Road
Mequon, WI 53092

Phone (262) 242-0426

 Bay View
 2826 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
 Milwaukee, WI 53207
 Phone (414) 755-3202

All Most had tears in my eyes, when I saw all my products on the shelves of the Outpost Natural Food Store....This is only the beginning, but I owe My life to God....But God, Please follow your dreams, don't stop, no matter what, WE will have some road blocks, the key, is never stop........if you haven't try any of our products, please stop by any of the Outpost Natural food Stores.....Thank for your support

  NYou can pick up those products at Outpost Stores


1. Eden All Purpose Seasoning   2. Eden Sweet Garlic & Pepper Seasoning, 

 3. Eden Garlic & Herb Seasoning 4. Eden Taco Seasoning 5. Eden Fire Cracker Hot 

 6. Eden Dry Herb Seasoning


 1. Eden Extra Spicy   2. Eden Jalapeno  3.Eden Red Pepper 4. Eden Cherry

 5. Burning Flames  6. Smoking Hot


 1.. Eden Italian Marinated Dressing 2. Eden Cranberry 3. Eden Caribbean Splash

 4. Eden Vegetable 5. Eden Cherry

SYRUPS/MARINATE                                           JAM

 Eden Cranberry Marinated Syrup                 Cherry berry Jam

for those traveling to Cedarburg, Wisconsin....

Cedar Creek Trading Post (Cedar Creek Settlement)

n70 w6340 Bridge Road, Cedarburg, Wisconsin.....

Eden's Strawberry Syrup, Eden's Cherry Hot Sauce, Eden's Jalapeno Seasoning, All four of our dressing, and our seasoning.......Located in the old winery building.....Products will be traveling out of Wisconsin.....God is awesome......for hours and times....

 Cedar creek trading post

Now you can purchase our Dressing
Eden's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing, Eden's Italian Mustard Marinated dressing, Eden's cranberry Vinaigrette dressing, Eden's Cherry Vinaigrette dressing, thanking Jesus!

7000 W. State Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone (414) 778-2012

100 E. Capitol Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone (414) 961-2597

Pete's Fresh Market's


Pete's Fresh Market

17w675 W Roosevelt Roaf

Oakbrook Terrace, IL. 60181

Pete's Fresh Market

259 Lake Street, Oak Park, Il

 PETE'S FRESH MARKET2333 w Madison, Chicago, IL. 60612 (soon)

 PETE'S FRESH MARKET 1968 Sibley Blvd, Calumet City, Il.

. PETE'S FRESH MARKET 10280  s Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, IL

 PETE'S FRESHMARKET 880 Roosevelt Road, Glen, IL

 PETE'S FRESH MARKET 840 Plainfield Road, Willowbrook, IL.

 PETE'S FRESH MARKET 4233 Lincoln Highway Matteson, il

 1.Eden's  All Purpose Seasoning

 2.Eden's Sweet Garlic & Pepper Seasoning

 3.Eden's Garlic & Herb Seasoning

 4.Eden's Cherry Hot Sauce

 5.Eden's Red Pepper Hot Sauce

 6. Eden's Extra Spicy Hot Sauce

 7. Eden's Jalapeno Seasoning

 8. Eden's Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing

 9. Eden's Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing

 1.0 Eden 's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing

 11. Eden's Italian Mustard Marinate Dressing 

Check Out The Stores That Carry Our Products.

    Woodman's Food Market

 1. 2100 Randall Road

    Carpentersville, Illinois 60110

 2.3155 McFarland Road

     Rockford, Illinois

 3. 1550 Deerfield, PKWY

     Buffalo Grove, Illinois


 4.151 Hansen Blvd

    North Aurora, Illinois 60542




Hales Corner Location

5610 S 108th

Hales Corners, WI

West Allis Location

 2225 S 108th

 West Allis, WI.



They carry our, SEASONING

1. All purpose Seasoning,

2. Fire Cracker Seasoning

3. Garlic & Herb Seasoning

4. Dry Herb Seasoning

5. Sweet Garlic Pepper Seasoning


 They  carry our HOT SAUCE

1. Eden Red Pepper Hot Sauce

2. Eden Extra Spicy Hot Sauce

3. Eden Jalapeno Seasoning

4. Eden Cherry Hot Sauce

PETE'S FRESH MARKET'S (That only carry our All Natural Vinaigrette Dressing

 2526 w Cermak Road, Chicago, IL

 3448 118th street, Chicago, IL

 151 Rice Lake Square, Wheaton, IL 60189

 840 Plainfield Road, Willowbrook, IL.

.Eden's Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing,  Eden's Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing, 

  Eden 's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing, Eden's Italian Mustard Marinate Dressing 

                        2315 n 124th street

             Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005

They carry our dressing......

Eden's Vegetable VINAIGRETTE dressing




eden's caribbean splash vinaigrette dressing

YOU ONLY NEED A LITTLE! our dressing are

Health hut natural foods

1. 1236 S Barclay Street

   Milwaukee, Wisconsin


2. 1541 Miller Parkway 

   Milwaukee, WI.


3. 4605 W. Cermak Street

    Cicero, IL.



1.Eden's All Purpose Seasoning

2.Eden's Sweet Garlic & Pepper Seasoning

3.Eden's Garlic & Herb Seasoning

4.Eden's Cherry Hot Sauce

5.Eden's Red Pepper Hot Sauce

6. Eden's Extra Spicy Hot Sauce

7. Eden's Jalapeno Seasoning

8. Eden's Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing

9. Eden's Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing

1.0 Eden 's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing

11. Eden's Italian Mustard Marinate Dressing

1.Eden's All Purpose Seasoning

2.Eden's Sweet Garlic & Pepper Seasoning

3.Eden's Garlic & Herb Seasoning

4.Eden's Fire Cracker Seasoning

5. Eden's Dry Herb Mix

1. Eden's Italian Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing

2. Eden's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing

3. Eden's Caribbean Splash Vinaigrette Dressing


Metacafe's Food Market


Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

 Metcalfe's Food Markets 

 726 North Midvak Blvd

 Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Eden's Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing,

Eden's Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing,

Eden 's Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing,

Eden's Italian Mustard Marinate Dressing 

Eden's Caribbean Splash Dressing

 All Dressing are also Marinade, great for cooking

Illinois Locations

Wisconsin Locations

Woodman's Food Market

1. 8131 South Howell Ave.

      Oakcreek, Wisconsin

2. 7145 120th Ave.

   Kenosha, WI.

 3. 3817 Milwaukee Street

    Madison, Wisconsin

 4. 725 s Gammon Road

    Madison, WI.

 5. 1099 s Grand Ave

     Sun Prairie, Wisconsin



2205 Silvernail Road

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Albrecht's food markets

3255 Golf Road, Dalafield, Wisonsin

They carry our 

1. Extra Spicy Hot Sauce

2. Cherry Hot Sauce

3. Cherry Vinaigrette Dressing

4. Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressing

5. Italian Mustard Vinaigrette Dressing

6. Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing

7. All purpose seasoning

8. Garlic & Herb Seasoning

 9. Sweet Garlic & Pepper Seasoning

  garden fresh market

 1. 400 Townline Road, Mundelein, il 60060

 2. 770 S. buffalo grove road, buffalo, il. 

They carry all five of our Vinaigrettes Dressing

1. Eden's Caribbean Splash 2. Eden's Italian Mustard 3. Eden's Vegetable Dressing

4. Eden's Cranberry Dressing 5. Eden's Cherry Dressing

Cooking with our Products

Vinaigrettes Dressing/ Marinates

Try All Six of our Hot Sauces

1. Eden Burning Flames

2. Eden Smoking Hot Sauce

3. Eden Red Pepper Hot Sauce

4. Eden Cherry Hot Sauce

5. Eden extra Spicy Hot Sauce

6. Jalapeno Seasoning Hot Sauce

Dry Spices/ Seasoning

1. Eden All Purpose Seasoning

2. Eden Garlic & Herb Seasoning

3. Eden Dry Herbs

4. Eden Sweet Garlic Pepper Seasoning

5. Eden Firecracker Seasoning

6. Eden Taco Seasoning

101 North milwaukee street Theresa, wisconsin 53091


They carry our

1. Eden's Vegetable Vinaigrettes Dressing

2. Eden's Cranberry Vinaigrettes Dressing

3.  Eden's Sweet Pepper Garlic Seasoning

4. Eden's Garlic and Herb Seasoning

5. Eden's Red Pepper Hot Sauce

6. Eden's Cherry Hot Sauce

Beef Jerky outlet

6971 South 27th Street, Franklin, Wisconsin 53232

They are now carrying our Cranberry & Caribbean Vinaigrette/ Marinades 

milwaukee farmers united

They carry four deafferents Hot Sauces

1. Eden's Jalapeno Hot Sauce

2. Eden's Italian Mustard Dressing/Marinada

3. Eden's Herb & Spice Cooking Oil

Cook with our Products

cream city soap company


7463 Hardwood Ave., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53213

 They carry our

1.Eden's Caribbean Splash/ Marinades

2. Eden's Italian Mustard Dressing/Marinades

3. Eden's Fire Cracker Seasoning

4. Eden's Sweet Pepper Seasoning

5. Eden's Jalapeno Hot Sauces

6. Eden's Smoking Hot Sauce

the best of wisconsin

319 S Wright Street, Dalvan, Wisconsin 53115


They carry our Products

1. Eden Vegetable Dressing/Marinades

2. Eden' Italians Mustard/ Marinades

3. Eden Cherry Dressing/ Marinades

4. Eden Cranberry Dressing/ Marinades

5. Eden Red Peppers Hot Sauce

6. Eden Extra Spicy Hot

7. Eden Smoking Hot Sauce

8. Eden Cherry Hot Sauce

9. Eden Burning Flames Hot Sauce

oshkosh co-op foods.

  155 S Jackson Street

       Suite 101

Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

They will be carrying our products

DRESSING (Vinaigrettes/Marinades

1. Eden's Caribbean Splash

2. Eden's Cranberry 

3. Eden's Italian Mustard

4. Eden's Cherry


1. Cherry Hot Sauce

2. Extra Spicy Hot Sauce


1. Eden's All Purpose

2. Eden's Garlic & Herb

3. Eden's Taco

4. Eden's Fire Cracker

5. Eden's Dry Herb MIX

 you can now order our Products Online @Market Wagon


Edens Vegetable Vinagrette Dressing/Marinade 

Edens Cherry Vinagrette Dressing/Marinades 

Edens Cranberry Vinaigrette Dressings/Marinades

Edens Caribbean Splash Vinaigrette Dressing/Marinades


Edens Red Pepper Hot Sauce

Edens JalapeƱo Hot Sauce

Edens Extra Spicy Hot Sauce

Edens Burning Flames Hot Sauce

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